Why Silicon Valley knows the best way to wire money abroad

No, I won’t talk to you about the amazing TV show. I want to go deep about the Silicon Valley from the beginning: who are they and why they know the best way to wire money.

What is the silicon valley

The Silicon Valley, in California, close to San Francisco, is a huge geographic zone where biggest startups of the world are: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc.

From San Francisco to San Jose, you will find the people creating the tomorrow’s world. The most innovative area worldwide. The genius from India, France, UK, Japan, Germany, Brazi, Mexico, Canada, Australia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia are all here. They are the best in the technology.

They are all expatriates, they have a long-term VISA, so they have a US bank account, they earn a lot of money (so they don’t know what to do with it because they work all the time). You see it coming? Yes.

They all want to save more and more money each month, and to do it, they have to use the best international money transfer services.

If I’m talking to you about Silicon Valley today, it’s because they are ahead of everyone. That’s where the tomorrow’s world is created. So they know sh*t about stuff, you know 🙂

Why it knows the best way to wire money

And this is why people and workers in Silicon Valley know the best way to send money abroad.
Living in the heart of the innovation world, they always know the best tools and services to do a money transfer. What can help them the best. And before everybody else.

It’s a small world, I lived there 3 months. Everybody knows someone who know the “BEST TOOL EVER, trust me, it will make your life better”.

This is where big names like Paypal, Stripe or TFW were born. The services you can use to wire money abroad everymonth.


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